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ScienceWiz Physics Experiment Kit

Blast off with Newton's laws of motion and prepare to excel in physics Develop a fundamental understanding of inertia the laws of motion centripetal force mass weight velocity and acceleration with the ScienceWiz Physics kit. Launch bottle rockets perform tricks with inertia stay in motion with a floating hover puck zoom a jet car build your own spring meter spin water upside .... Read more or Check Price

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you never know what to give my grandchildren that will keep them entertained for hours this will and is the perfect age by Rick

I gave this as a gift. I was pleased when I read the experiments and they used the things that you usually would in their household . by pop8

Awesome product that brought the answers my son was about different laws of science to his level in a fun way to read that made it fun for the whole family. by Jennifer J.

Experiments challenge here nine years nephew in his ability. Some adult assistance is precious if to answer questions about the experiment and how to ... by Joe Aro

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