NSI Rock Tumbler Classic, I will shop for a forth step finer polishing grade in my opinion

The yesterday. I'm looking for information on the NSI Rock Tumbler Classic, so i have to tell.

NSI Rock Tumbler Classic

Polish rough rocks to create semi-precious gemstones Amazon.com It may be a grind to wait nearly 30 days to create polished rock jewelry with the Rolling Stones Rock Tumbler. But as the makers write "you are grinding in days what it takes nature thousands of years to do in a stream river or ocean." So find a clean remote area with a properly wired outlet where the constant tumbling .... Read more or Check Price

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My son beggged for a glass of rock for at least two years. I finally gave in and got. He loves it and so far has held. by Susan Holland

My youngest daughter is having a blast doing jewels. I also was a good exercise in patience for her. by jeff

Great Christmas gift for my son ( 10 ) He could do all the steps himself. by Frozen Tundra Shopper

Five weeks of Tumbling consecutive ( in the garage) all three degrees of compound (10 days with the mixture of final polishing ) I thought it would be more polished rocks. by jpvit

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