Review 4M Kitchen Science Kit, Great educational fun With a WOW factor.

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4M Kitchen Science Kit

4M Kitchen Science Kit From the Manufacturer Our 4M Kitchen Science Kit allows you to conduct six exciting experiments with common household ingredients. Convert your average kitchen into a science lab. Intriguing activities that are also educational.. Read more or Check Price

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My niece was very excited about this gift which is fun and her busy. just thought it would be a bit ' a box 11 x 7 by Linda Whiteman

6 years like this and wants to " do science " every weekend. Use this kit with another science kits. by AR

I got today small box but excited to see if they like Let's hope they do by jina

Really cool experiments for kids. I made them with my grandchildren and they had a blast. One of those moments fresh becoming old. Then they want more. by Chris Talbot

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