4M Green, Granddaughter was fascinated that she completed projects by her self... in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the 4M Green Science Dynamo Torch, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

4M Green Science Dynamo Torch

Turn a simple toy motor into a generator that converts hand motion into electrical energy and powers a light bulb. No battery no pollution just amazement The generator could be used as an awesome torch. Caution High Voltage Inspiration Contains plastic casing LED light bulb toy motor gears and detailed instructions. 8 Years From the Manufacturer Turn a simple toy motor into a .... Read more or Check Price

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I bought all products 4M for my Christmas presents this year I have three grandchildren and one child of my. by Parajunkee

Grandson was fascinated that has completed projects for his car. Received three out of five projects and will order the next two in the series by Barbara P. Saunders

Great fun for the kids to use and put together. The only thing is to make sure to tighten all the screws as it has an impact on the distance between the gear teeth. by skadoo323

The boys and I enjoyed the assembly. It ' easy to do. And they use it for their adventure Thanks by harley

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