Break Open Real Geodes Science Kit - 6 Geodes, Would do this again in my opinion

A few days ago. I search for information on the Break Open Real Geodes Science Kit - 6 Geodes, so i would like to describe here.

Break Open Real Geodes Science Kit - 6

This science kit is an adventure ready to be discovered Geodes were formed millions of years ago when prehistoric volcanoes erupted and gas bubbles were trapped in the lava. The result is a science phenomenon-incredible crystal caverns within each exciting geode. When kids gently hit one of the geodes with a hammer it will break open to reveal a hidden mineral treasure. Includes .... Read more or Check Price

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Our geodes came in two boxes - one pack 2 and a 4 pack. If I knew of a pack of four was an option I probably would have ordered that instead However I'm glad that did not happen because ... by SSM

This was a great gift for my son who is interested in rocks. Had a blast busting these open by Erica Coleman

Some Geodes were quite small and a little ' more variety of color would be good. But my niece had a good time cracking open with the expectation of what would ... by Barbara A Querques

I bought this as a birthday present for my sister. She really enjoyed her current. It ' came with 7 Geodes and most were of different colors one blue one pink one whiteect. by lilmommy

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