Break Your Own Geodes High Quality Kit 12 Whole Geodes, very pleased in my opinion

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Break Your Own Geodes High Quality Kit

Geodes are formed naturally by volcanic activity. Bubbles in lava harden over time natural crystals grow inside of the lave bubbles. Have a great time breaking these geodes open There are 12 geodes in this pack ranging is size from large marble to golf ball size. They are 90 hollow as with all the geodes sold by Gem Center USA. Geode cracking instructions are included once the .... Read more or Check Price

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Each rock was a geode. They were great and one of them was a beautiful purple and black. My kids loved it ( 405 ) . by Jamie Wambsganss

My children loved these. Geodesy was lovely and gave the children a lot to do and talk. I'll have to get more of these . by S. Thompson

This was great fun and I enjoyed the variety of colors. I had some with crystals blacks grays clear transparent and white with yellow tips. by Heidi E Lushko

Geodes are quite small but that does not mean they're not funny In fact my family and I had a blast breaking them open on Christmas Eve by James Edward Cupit

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